Please pass this around for everyone attending the con this weekend!

Also, if you’re going to be at DC, here’s some tips that can hopefully help if you’re in an uncomfortable situation:

Look for someone wearing a red lanyard. Folks with red lanyards are DC volunteers and they can help you.

- Strangers touching your costume, hair, or body without your consent = harassment, and it’s okay to remind them of it.

- Strangers taking your picture without your permission or knowledge = harassment. If you see this happening to someone else at the con, speak up and alert security! 

- Take note of the offender’s name, badge, and any other details like costuming/clothing, etc.

- If an offender gives you pushback or gets defensive, state firmly, “This con has a harassment policy.”  

- The Dragon Con security room is Marriott room M102.

- If you see something, say something.

Have a safe and fun con!